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A set of frequently asked questions and answers from the department of professions has just been posted. These may be helpful for persons who have questions about scope, eligibility to practice, eligibility to become licensed, and training. We urge everyone to read these carefully and continue to ask questions of the department as they arise.


Please note: NYSABA is not affiliated with the NY Department of Professions or the NY Behavior Analysis Licensing Board

NYSABA is pleased to announce our

27th Annual Conference

The Desmond, Albany

October 27th and 28th, 2016

Pre-conference Workshops held on October 26th





Keynote Speakers


         Iser DeLeon                                 Wayne Fuqua


Invited Speakers

Alicia Alvero, Kim Brown, Rachel Cavalari, Dan Mruzak, Jorge Reyes, Hank Roane, Laura Sieverling, Tristram Smith, Deb Thivierge, and Jim Todd


Parents should avoid alternative treatments for autism, expert warns



Monday, March 28, 2016, 6:00 PM


See full article here:



26th Annual Conference


Thank you for another successful Annual Conference!


V. Mark Durand and Jim Johnston


Invited Speakers

Gina Green, Melissa Nosik, Judith Ursitti, Jill Pettinger,

Bob LaRue, Richard Serna, Mary McDonald


Sponsored in part by:



The Elija School          The Summit Center

All About Kids          Springbrook



Hillside Family of Agencies          Empire BCBS



Ensure Billing, Inc.          Eden II Programs



Caldwell University         The Arc of Ulster-Greene

AccuPoint LLC.          Crossroads Center for Children

Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia/New England Center for Children

Portia International          ABPathfinder, Inc.

Access 7 Services         Hillcrest Educational Centers




In response to several recent fatal accidents in New York state related to wandering, The New York State Association for Behavior Analysis is releasing a brief article on wandering in persons with Autism. The article provides an overview of current knowledge, a summary of research findings, and some practice tips. 



 Elopement of children with Autism: 

What we know, successful interventions, and practical tips for parents and caregivers



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